Booking & Contact


You've gotten this far, so clearly everything you've learned about me this far Has truly piqued your interest!

Now it’s my turn to get to know you. I love proper introductions that help me get a feel for who you are. As I mentioned on my Etiquette page, I do require screening and it is non-negotiable. I deeply value both your discretion and my own, and screening protects everyone involved. I have zero interest in tarnishing your reputation or putting mine on the line.

If you are unwilling or unable to screen according to my standards, understand that we won’t be seeing one another. My screening policies are firm and non-negotiable.

Scheduling Form

Contact Via Email

For initial contact, I strongly prefer that you submit your booking and screening information via the booking form above.  Email is also fine should you prefer. If you prefer to send an email, you can send that to Please include the following screening information:

1. Full name, age, phone number (I will not call/text unless given explicit permission to do so), email address, city/state of residence. Along with this personal information, please send along one of the following:

  • Two provider references, including the provider’s email address, website/ad, or
  • Employment information, which would include the company you work for and your job title, a LinkedIn profile URL, and work phone number, or
  • Photo ID. If you don’t want to supply references or work information, I’ll need a clear photo of your ID, as well as a clear photo/selfie of you holding your ID.

2. The city, day, time, and length you’d like to meet.

3. The type of experience you’re looking for (GFE, GFE w/fetish, BDSM, or MMassage).

Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy

-If our meeting is canceled or rescheduled 13 hours or more before our scheduled time, I will require a 50% cancellation/reschedule fee upon time of cancellation/rescheduling.
-If our meeting is canceled or rescheduled 12 hours or less before our scheduled time, I will require a 100% cancellation/reschedule fee upon time of cancellation/rescheduling.
-This can be paid via CashApp, Amazon Gift Card, Vanilla Visa (electronic is possible for both), or many other varieties of gift cards (electronic is possible)
-Failure to provide this will result in no future appointments with me being able to be made.